Workers’ Compensation

Communication is the key to Workers’ Compensation Medical Case Management


Work & Well provides proactive medical case management from day one of injury until return-to-work full duty. Our nurse case managers coordinate and continuously manage the medical care, lost time, and light-duty assignments for injured or ill employees. They facilitate 360° of communication between the employee, their physician, human resources, and claims management.

Our services include:

  • Interviewing injured employees within 24 hours of notice of injury
  • Authorizing and managing employee from appointment-to-appointment
  • Approving and authorizing medical treatment, testing, and referrals to specialists
  • Reviewing all medical notes and treatments to ensure continued disability
  • Facilitating return-to-work with temporary accommodations or full duty
  • Communicating with the employee, employer, physician, and insurance carrier/third party administrator
  • Providing detailed medical documentation for a complete case trail
  • Tracking time out of work with FMLA