Reduce Absenteeism

We’ve got your back

Work & Well’s robust medical review and follow-up process enables us to identify cases where employees are using medical leaves inappropriately. Our clinical team reviews every case to ensure it makes medical sense and meets the criteria for serious health conditions. This medical review process is vital to ensure the medical validity of the case and to protect our clients from those who would abuse leave privileges. As a result of our thorough and meticulous process, we are able to significantly reduce absenteeism and abuse for our clients.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Although FMLA provides significant benefits to our society, some employees use FMLA inappropriately, and cases of abuse are on the rise.

Work & Well’s team of experts help prevent FMLA abuse by:

  • Asking for clarification from healthcare providers when a diagnosis or reason for time out of work is questionable
  • Requesting re-certification to ensure there has been no changes in an employee’s condition
  • Investigating excessive absence or patterns and confirming with healthcare providers that the time out of work is in line with the condition
  • Confirming the medical validity of a case by getting second and third medical opinions through an approved network of occupational medical physicians

Work & Well investigated a questionable FMLA case for a client, which ultimately resulted in the employee returning to work and not using any FMLA time. Click here to view the case study.

Disability and Workers’ Compensation

Our comprehensive medical review and monitoring of the employee from appointment to appointment ensures that the employee is getting appropriate treatment, helping to get them back to work quicker without jeopardizing their safety. Work & Well’s clinical team approves leave time in segments, allowing us to find opportunities for earlier return to work.