Save Cost

The Work & Well way to save on costs

Work & Well’s medical professionals perform a thorough medical review of each medical leave case.  We work closely with your employees’ healthcare providers and human resource team to monitor recovery. We ensure that your employee is able to safely return to work as soon as possible for full duty, at a reduced schedule or with temporary accommodations. 

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Although FMLA provides employees with important benefits, FMLA continues to place an administrative, legal and costly burden on employers. By thoroughly reviewing each case, clarifying medical certifications and coordinating second and third opinions,  Work & Well has reduced the number of lost workdays by 20 – 40% within one year of service for our clients. This results in significant reductions in overtime and temporary-help expenses. Studies show that an unplanned absence reduces productivity by 22%*. By getting employees back to work safely and quickly, our clients see immediate productivity improvement.*Mercer Study -2010

Within six months of partnering with Work & Well, our client reduced their intermittent FMLA usage by more than 60%, from an average of 1,600 hours to 600 hours monthly. Click here to view the case study.


Work & Well medically reviews and case manages every disability case while working to get the employee back to work safely and quickly. We work closely with the employee, client and healthcare provider to identify light-duty or reduced-schedule opportunities, providing a win-win solution for all parties.

Work & Well’s review and enforcement of a client’s short-term disability policy guidelines saved the client over $2.2 million in three years by reducing the days to close cases by 35%. Click here to view the case study.

Workers’ Compensation

Work & Well’s clinicians work with employees from day one of their injury until their return-to-work. We monitor the case closely and obtain the actual treatment notes, striving to help the employee get back to work as soon as they are physically ready while looking for light-duty or reduced-schedule opportunities.