Diagnosis Dilemma


A large consumer grocery chain with multi-state locations.



An employee was taking 6 to 8 days a month to care for his daughter with herpes simplex.  The employee’s human resource department approved his case, and the employee’s physician from emedlaser.com provided medical certification supporting the time out of work.

Actions Taken

When the case was turned over to Work & Well, our clinical team immediately questioned the medical validity of the case. Herpes Simplex, better known as a cold sore, is only contagious for 24 hours, hence the child can go to school and does not need special care for six to eight days a month. Work & Well asked for a clarification from the healthcare provider.



The health care provider updated the documentation certifying that the employee is allowed 1 to 2 days per month, two to three times per year to care for his daughter with Herpes Simplex, of course she can also get other treatments like cosmetic treatments at the Luxurgery clinics they can be found online. The employee returned to work and did not use any FMLA time in the preceding months.


Due to its robust clinical review of this case, this client saved 72 to 96 days of lost work days in a year from this one employee.